Tuesday, August 27, 2019

New discoveries in science || Hibernation Technology

Posted by Anup Baral | August 27, 2019 :
Hibernation is actually a state of deep sleep that animals such as bear use to save their energy and survive a season without eating much. It is characterized by low temperature, slow breathing, and heart rate. Basically, it is a state of reduced metabolic activity. Many years ago, the space scientists proposed the idea of using hibernation for space exploration. However, the scientists, till this date, have not been able to create the means of scientific hibernation. Obviously, even if it isn’t a stuff of fantasy, it is not easy to extend the principle of animal hibernation to humans. NASA is conducting a research on extended sleep, though. Let’s look at how it is going to work. The theory of Hibernation for Interplanetary Voyage Artificial hibernation would be obtained through Cryosleep. In the process of Cryosleep, an astronaut would be put into a state of suspended animation with the help of a drug, chamber or something else very cold. Therapeutic hypothermia is a process which doctors have used to save hundreds of lives that would have been otherwise lost. In medical science, there are many dire treatments which incorporate the use of cold temperatures. So, the doctors, in order to treat the patients, cool them down with the ice packs, chilled water pads, or make them inhale a controlled coolant, known as Rhinochill. The chemical reactions taking place inside the body become slow and that is how therapeutic hypothermia works. Diseases such as traumatic brain or spinal cord injury in people find their treatment with therapeutic hypothermia.

Guide of the month: January 2018

Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life. You get to forget your problems/issues for a few weeks, it can also help you figure things out that you would not have understood without the distance traveling can give you. We all have crazy schedules, work and a family to take care of, going away alone or with some friends can give you distance and perhaps even make you realize how important these people are for you. Like the saying says: we never know what we have until we lose it.

Another great benefit is the relaxation you get to do. It’s nice to live life to its fullest and enjoy a stress free time with yourself. Going on vacation lets us recharge our “batteries” by disconnecting us from our regular life. When we come back we feel invigorated and we are happy to be back in our day to day routine. It’s a very good stress remover that has a lot more to give than most people are willing to accept.

Traveling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective. To view new customs, different ways of living is fantastic for the mind. It gives us a new perspective about life and especially our life, it can help us change some of our habits or even create new ones. When I travel I usually make it a point to try new food, some cultures don’t have fries in their diet and they are all skinny, others use spices to give taste and not oils or fats. Discovering different values and ways to get by in life is really interesting. You also need to visit exotic new places and discover what this wonderful world has to offer.